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Trust in MeTrust In Me

A hero for the rest of us?

Escaping the cheating fiancé and sheltered life her father has arranged for her, Claire Albritton wants nothing more than to take control of her life and learn to fight her own battles.

Kevin Fuller believes he must rescue damsels in distress and Claire is decidedly out of her element in small town South Carolina.  When trouble inevitably finds Claire, Kevin's white knight protection and heroics are exactly what Claire doesn't want.  But his kisses...that's another matter.

Coming soon!

The rumble of a loud engine called her out of her thoughts and to the motorcycle rounding the building. She squinted through the darkness at the rider. Kevin?

Her heart executed a flawless forward roll. Kevin planned to take her home on a motorcycle?

He pulled up next to her and killed the engine. Tugging off the helmet, he extended it toward her. "Here, you wear this. I only have one, and I'd rather you wear it."

She gaped at him a moment, unmoving, numb with trepidation.

"A m-motorcycle?"

His chestnut eyebrows whipped together. "Is that a problem? I guess I should have explained ... I don't have a car."

"Is it safe?"

He grinned. "As long as we don't crash."

Her pulse jumped, sending adrenaline scampering through her blood. Her face must have reflected her doubts, because Kevin sobered quickly and raised a hand toward her. "Sorry, I guess I shouldn't joke about it. I'll drive slow, and you'll be safe. I promise."

The warmth and concern in his gaze reached deep inside her, calming her nerves more than his words could. Her soul seemed to know instinctively to trust Kevin. She accepted the helmet with a trembling hand and drew a slow breath for courage. Pulling the helmet on, she fastened the chinstrap and lifted her gaze to Kevin for assurance she'd put the protective gear on correctly.

He grinned then slapped the seat behind him. "Swing a leg over and hold tight to me. On turns, lean with me."

She nodded and took another deep breath, inhaling the aroma of sweat, leather and soap inside the helmet. The intoxicating blend of scents spun her senses in new directions, all centered around Kevin. She clambered onto the motorcycle, self-conscious over her lack of finesse. If Kevin noticed her fumbling, he had the courtesy not to comment. Thank goodness she'd worn slacks today, a concession to comfort her mother would have never approved of, but which now proved a good choice.

Kevin started the engine, and Claire wrapped her arms around his chest, pressing herself close to his broad back. The rumbling engine echoed the thrum of her pulse, and she squeezed her eyes shut.

As he prepared to drive away, Kevin shifted his weight, and the bike rocked. She gasped and clutched his shirt tighter.

Placing a hand on her leg, he gave her knee a quick squeeze and turned his head toward her. "You can trust me, you know. I'd never let you fall."

The slow and steady beat of his heart thudded under her clutching hands, reaffirming his promise. Her heart answered with a hard ka-thump. She sensed that Kevin's promise was something she could hold onto, something steady and true. But hadn't she been wrong about Blaine?

Claire cleared the choking tension from her throat. "I'm ready."

Given her go-ahead, Kevin gunned the engine, and they drove from the parking lot onto the dark street. The humid summer air rushed up to greet them, bringing the sweet fragrance of cut grass and honeysuckle. She clung to Kevin's chest, hiding her eyes on his shoulder, mentally counting off the blocks to Mrs. Proctor's house. After a moment to acclimate herself, though, Claire lifted her head to watch where they were going. Wind buffeted her face and teased her senses. Though she knew Kevin held back on her account, even their moderate speed gave her an unexpected thrill like the exhilaration she'd known when she'd braved the roller coaster at Six Flags.

Slowly her trepidation eased into an enthusiasm for the new experience. Her grip of Kevin's shirt loosened, and she flattened her hands against his chest. As Kevin steered them around a corner, the play of muscles under her fingers guided her focus to the hard body she snuggled against. Crushed against his back, her breasts tingled with an awareness of the intimate contact. Her thighs gripped his more tightly, and her hands took free rein to explore the contours of his taut chest. With the motorcycle rumbling beneath her and images of Kevin's bare torso still dancing through her mind, her position toyed with her imagination. Having her body closely aligned with his became a sensual feast, and every nerve in her body hummed expectantly. The exhilarating ride and the thrill of holding Kevin close merged, mingled, a heady combination of man and machine.

December 2011

Now in AudioBook
ISBN: 9781522681700

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