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Colton 911:  Deadly Texas Reunion

Colton 911:  Deadly Texas ReunionTwo friends track a lethal murderer

As a childhood bond is put on the line

Disgraced FBI agent Nolan Colton returns home to lick his wounds…only to find death on his doorstep. After a woman’s body is dug up in a parking lot, his longtime friend PI Summer Davies enlists his crime-solving expertise. Nolan can’t help but admire all-grown-up Summer’s tenacity, but new leads take their case in a killer direction—one that threatens the future of their entire case…and their own lives.

"The suspense of the story was good. The tension has built through the three previous books as Patrice's murder has gone unsolved. I was glued to the pages as Summer and Nolan found themselves in dire straits, caught by the killer as they searched for evidence. The final confrontation was intense, and hearing the killer talk so casually about what he had done was chilling. I loved seeing him get what was coming to him and how it came about." -- Susan, Goodreads

"I enjoy Harlequin's Romantic Suspense books. I recently read Deadly Texas Reunion: Colton 911 by Beth Cornelison and I really enjoyed it. I liked this story and the characters. It has a good flow." -- Linda, Goodreads

"How they manage to get out from under what looks like a double murder in the middle of the woods will keep the reader breathing fast right until the last page." -- Kate Vale, Goodreads

"Action,suspense,thrills and mystery.A whole lot of guessing,who,what,why.This one is a really good read,I couldn't put it down.Next book please.I can't wait." -- Charmaine White, Goodreads

"The author captures your imagination and runs with it happily to the end. The plot was well done and the future is remarkable." -- Irene Goodhoe, Amazon

"I have enjoyed reading another book in this Colton Series. I was so engrossed in reading it that I had to finish reading it before I could put it down. I can't wait for the next book to come out so I can read it to. I would recommend it to anyone who has been reading this series of the Colton 911." -- Foreign Customer, Amazon

Colton 911
October 2019
Harlequin Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-1335662187

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Harlequin Romantic Suspense October 2019

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Deadly Texas Reunion

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